Support Lab

The Computer Science Club runs a semesterly support lab to help students needing some extra help and guidance in lower level classes with their assignments and topics. All the hours, and the current status, of the support lab can be found on this page.

Winter 2022

In the Winter 2022 semester we are located at OM1365, during the hours marked down below, we warmly invite anyone struggling with course content, silly problems, or whatever troubles you may have to come by OM 1365 and ask questions!

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Know your stuff? Volunteer with the Support Lab!

We are always looking for more support lab volunteers! If you can spare a small block of time per week and are willing to help other students, please volunteer with us. We'll give you a cool certificate!

Here's how it works:

  • Click the below button to our sign-up Google Form
  • Enter your email and Discord ID
  • Enter possible times that work for you to come and join the voice channel
  • Enter the number of hours total you would like to volunteer per week. This can (and should!) be less than what is in your possible times
  • Select any number of courses you're able to help with
  • Wait for us to send you a welcome message!

During your support lab hour, we ask that you join the #waiting-room voice channel. When a student joins, you are then able to move them into a specific Support Lab voice channel (they can't do it themselves!) so that others may also wait in the waiting room. This also allows us to have multiple support lab volunteers working at the same time.

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