Our Mission

To provide a student voice to the Computing Science faculty and to help provide social and academic support for Computing Science students.

Get Involved

We are a student driven club, which means we need students to participate and help us in everything we do. We are always looking for students to get involved. We have options for all types of students and schedules. Whether you want to partake in day to day tasks or volunteering to help out during activities and events, we welcome the support! See how you can get involved by becoming a member, joining our board of members or working in the support lab.


Membership is easy!

You can become a member of the Computer Science Club by signing up for our mailing list and joining our Discord channel. Our mailing list keeps track of every member and provides them with up-to-date information about the club.

Simply fill in the panel on the left hand side to be registered for the Computer Science Club membership mailing list. The emails will consist of event notifications and information about the department/club.

Also be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest club updates!

Board Meetings

CSC Board Meetings are open to all students and faculty. The meetings are held weekly every Wednesday at 6:30 PM Pacific on Discord..

The Board

  • Elysia Stella-Ingersoll
  • Gilead Foster
  • Doug Walch
  • Gustavo Kang Shim
  • Gavin Edwards
  • Matthew Noel
  • Aman
  • Alex Yang
  • Kassidy Porlier
  • Amber Drach
  • Louis Fraser
  • Ian Manad

Board Policies and Procedures

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