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LAN Party #8 @ iTel

5:00 PM Saturday, 21 October to 2:00 AM Sunday, 22 October 2017
If you think the LAN party is all about them vidya, you'd be wrong boi. This year, in addition to games like PUBG, Overwatch and Rocket League, we're gonna be hitting the tabletops with some sweet sweet board games. Event is BYOD (bring your own device) so bring your PC, laptop, Xbox, whatever. Or don't bring anything and play Catan or Uno. We don't care. We aren't your parents.

Check out the Eventbrite page here for more details and to order your tickets.

IBM Hackathon & CSC Lan Party #7 @ iTel

9:00am Saturday, February 11th to 2:00am Sunday, February 12th
Starting 9:00am on Saturday we will be hosting an all day hackathon with IBM's Watson. First we will be creating interfaces with Watson using their Bluemix API with Node.js and Android studio. Then, teams of 1 to 4 people will then have until 4:00 to hack together a project. Beginning at 5:00pm we will start boardgames and LAN party setup with the LAN party beginning at 7:00pm.

Bowling night @ Bowler Time

6:00pm on Friday, December 2nd, 2016
Put your Mountain Dew back in your cupboard and roll up your bag of Doritos, it's time to prove your skillz IRL in the most xtreme way possible: Bowling.

Cognitive Computing @ Mountain Room in the CAC

8:00-9:30am on Thursday, November 10th, 2016
See how Watson and the latest IBM cognitive solutions can help transform industries, create new ways of customer engagement, and revolutionize business value. Implied is how not to put your AI on Twitter and have it taught by 4chan & friends (looking at you, Microsoft).

Featuring Caroline Ong of IBM Global Business Services Part of the Business Kickstart Speaker Series.

NLP and Pizza @ Old Main 1792

7:00-8:00pm on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016
Natural language processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer program to understand human speech as it is spoken. NLP is a component of artificial intelligence, so this is especially neat-o for skrubs in the Artificial Intelligence course. This is a talk by Dr. Stan Szpakowicz, Emeritus Professor at the University of Ottawa. He's like Gaben, but for NLP.

LAN Party @ iTel

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016
Whether you're looking for board games, retro games, or serious PC games, we will have it. More information about what to expect can be found on the event page. Our LAN parties typically fill the entire area we have available, which can fit 40 people this year, so register quick to guarantee yourself a spot!

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